guided tours through mainz

The BierBike is the perfect wheeler to explore the beautiful city of Mainz!

It is fast enough to get around and slow enough to see and to experience a lot.


While you are driving through the city, our tourist guides tell you with charm and competence all you have to know about the city and its history.


In collaboration with the Tourisitk Centrale Mainz we were able to develop this unique and awesome tour through the heart of Mainz.


See Mainz in a very special and new way!

On you tour through the inner city of Mainz you will pass many famous and important places and buildings, such as the Dom, the old market place, the old palace, the Rhine waterfront, thecarnival-fountain and many others.


On this tour you will learn where their names come from, why they are there and what happened to them in the last few hundred years. A tourist guide of the Touristik Centrale Mainz is on board an tells you about Mainz and its history. You pedal through the city, enjoy a fresh beer or a delicious wine, listen to the city guide and dismount at some places to look around more intensive.


2 hours tour 

  • for 11 to 15 persons
  • tourist guide
  • BierBike driver
  • 10 l draught beer or 4 bottles of wine
  • 5 l softdrinks

  • Friday - Saturday (total price: 400 Euro) 27 € per person*
  • Sunday - Thursday (total price: 330 Euro) 22 € per person*

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* Calculated price per person when riding with 15 persons. The total price is not affected by the number of participants. The maximum number of persons is 15; the minimum number of persons is 11. The tours start and end at our station.

For extra drinks or snacks please check our price list.

On public holidays and the days before public holidays the prices for Friday-Saturday are effective.