all about the bierbike

The BierBike is a bicycle for up to 16 persons plus a driver, who is provided by us. While 10 persons are pedaling, 5 persons can sit on seats without pedals (two saddles and one bench for three) and one person is standing in the middle of the bike and is catering the others.
Because of this, the minimum number of persons should be 11, so that every pedal is in use.


One of our drivers steers and brakes the BierBike, so you can enjoy the tour relaxed and safely. They are well trained in using the BierBike, driving it carefully and safely through the city-traffic and choosing the best routes through Mainz.


During a tour you will regularly make stops at public washrooms.


Our BierBike has everything you need for an unforgettable and unique tour where you can have fun with your friends:

  • stereo for your favorite music
  • a tap for fresh, delicious beer
  • a big roof for every weather condition
  • lighting so you can drive at night
  • unbreakable mugs
BierBike is not a "Drinking-Bike"

Even if the name includes the “beer”, drinking should not be the main reason for riding the BierBike. It’s more for having a great time with friends, the family, colleges, the football club or someone else.


Therewith you can really enjoy your tour, the consumption of any kind of liquor or liqueur is prohibited. Furthermore we limit the beer to a maximum of 10 liter per hour for 16 people.

We also do not serve alcoholic drinks of any kind to persons under the age of 18 years.

technical facts


length 5,30m, width 2,30m, heigth 2,70m


ca. 900 kg (empty)


ca. 5 km/h


10 pedals or 10 hp ("human power") ;-)


2 seperate car-braking-systems