frequently asked questions

Where? When? What?

Here you can find the answers to most questions about the BierBike!


If you can't find the answer to your question here, please call us or write an e-mail! It's a pleasure for us to help you!


How many persons can join the BierBike and what is the minimum number of persons for a tour?


The BierBike can accomodate up to 16 persons. While 10 persons are pedaling, 5 sit on seats without pedals and one is catering the others.


For a relaxed and not too exhausting tour, you should be at least 11 persons, so that every pedal is in use!



Does someone of our group has to stay sober to drive the BierBike?


No! A driver is included in the price. Our drivers are well trained in driving the BierBike carefully and safely through the city-traffic and they know the best and most beautiful routes.

So, you can enjoy your tour relaxed and safely and drink your delicious beer!




Where can I ride the BierBike?


Actually you can ride the BierBike wherever a "normal" bike is allowed to drive.

Many pedestrian zones in Mainz are approved to bikes, so that the BierBike can use these areas.

We have some standard routes through the inner city where you can pass the best known and most busy places.

Please note, that you can not drive uphill with the BierBike!

If you have special places where you want to go on your tour please contact us or ask your driver at your tour.



Where do tours start and end?


The tours with the BierBike start and end at Hattenbergstraße 2A, 55122 Mainz



What kind of drinks are available on the BierBike and where do we get these?


We have many different kinds of drinks you can buy. A list with the prices you can find here.


There is a taping system on board the BierBike where you can tap fresh beer.

If you want some beer on your tour, you must order it before the tour!

All other drinks can be bought at our station when you start your tour.

Of course you can also make a tour completely without alcohol!


Please note, that it is not allowed to bring your own drinks! Also any kind of liquor and liqueur are prohibited on the BierBike!


What's about food on the BierBike?



You bring your own food to the tour. If you have no time to go to the supermarket or you can't carry the stuff to our station, just ask us. We buy it for you!



What kind of music is played on the BierBike?


It depends what music you bring with you! You can decide by bringing your CDs, mp3-CDs, USB-Sticks or by bluthooth with your mobil-phone.

So you listen to your favorit music while going on tour with the BierBike.



What can I do, if my question isn't answered here?


No problem! Write an e-mail or give us a call, we will try to answer all your questions about the BierBike!