the bierbike-codex

Riding the BierBike is a lot of fun! You can do some sports, enjoy great weather, hang out with your friends and see the city.


Enjoying some beer or wine belongs to the BierBike. To make sure that it is and stays fun for everyone, also the people in the streets watching you, we applied this Codex.


alcohol: yes, but moderately

Please keep in mind that you will not drink the same amount of beer or wine as you did in a pub. Although our trained and sober driver steers the BierBike, you still take part in the public road traffic. Furthermore you can't enjoy the tour, if you are busy trying not to fall off the bike.

Because of this we applied the following rules:

  • 10 liter of beer per hour is absolutely enough, even with 16 persons on the bike
  • liquor and liqueur are prohibited on the BierBike
  • bringing your own drinks to the tour is not allowed
  • who wants to start a tour beeing tipsy already is not allowed to come aboard
using washrooms, but not the "nature"

On our tours we frequently make a break at public washrooms. Our driver know very well, where to find them and tell you when there will be the next one.

"public urinating" is not only annoying for the residents, it is also a crime!


Our drivers are committed to stop and abort a tour immediately, if this will happen!


The transport of the BierBike back to our station costs in this case 200 Euro!

stay in the driving seat

For your safety and the safety of the other road users, please stay seated while the BierBike is driving!

Jumping on or off the Bike while it is in motion can cause bad injuries or traffic accidents.

Because of this, the tour will be aboarded immediately when one of your group will do this!


For the consequences see above.

singing ok - but no bellowing

High spirits, good music, great time with friends - not many people can stay calm in this situation.

But that's not a problem, you can sing along with your favorit music or with your friends. It can be an impressive moment, even for the pedestrians you pass.


But when the singing is changing to bellowing, or even pedestrians are beeing accost, it stops beeing fun!


By the way, our stereo has an included volume limiter, so that you won't be drown out by the music.

We select the routes in a favorable sense!

We help you planing the routes of your tour. We know where you can drive with the BierBike, which streets you should avoid and where you can see the most beautiful places in Mainz.


In general we use the following rules:

  • We don't use streets with a speed limit of over 50 km/h.
  • We avoid single-lane-streets and aterial roads in rush hour.
  • The places to have a break are well chosen, so that no one will be disturbed.